LATC 2017 placeholder image not the real oneThe 5th Annual Los Angeles
Theology Conference

January 12-13, 2017, Biola University

The Task of Dogmatics

The theme of LATC 2017 will be the work of theology itself: the task of dogmatics. We are inviting theologians to speak programmatically and prescriptively about how Christian theology is to be done.

Our plenary speakers will be:

    • Michael Allen (Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando)
    • Henri Blocher (Faculte Libre de Theologie Evangelique, Vaux-sur-Seine, France)
    • Katherine Sonderegger (Virginia Theological Seminary)
    • Scott Swain (Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando)
    • Kevin Vanhoozer (Trinity Evangelical Divinity School)

John Webster was scheduled to participate in this conference. His death in May 2016 is a blow to theology and a major blow to LATC 2017. The conference and the book that comes from it will be dedicated to John.

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“The Los Angeles Theology Conference is an exciting new venture. It not only provides high-level theological discussion for people on the West Coast. At the same time it also makes a signal contribution to revitalizing interest in the kind of classical theological themes that are essential to the future of the church. Its proceedings promise to be a standard point of reference in the years to come.”
—George Hunsinger, Hazel Thompson McCord Professor of Systematic Theology, Princeton Theological Seminary


“The first LA Theology Conference was a smash. Lectures and panel discussions were of the highest caliber, accommodations and the management of the conference were superb, and it all took place in sunny Southern California, proving that good weather and good theology are not incompatible. May it be the first of many big hits.”
—Peter Leithart, President, Trinity House, Birmingham, AL

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