2013: Speakers



George Hunsinger, Princeton Theological Seminary
A Typology of Modern Christologies: High, Middle and Low

Oliver D. Crisp, Fuller Theological Seminary
Desiderata for Models of the Hypostatic Union

Katherine Sonderegger, Virginia Theological Seminary
The Humility of the Son of God

Peter J. Leithart, New St. Andrews College
We Saw His Glory: Implications of the Sanctuary Christology in John’s Gospel

Alan J. Torrance, Independent Researcher
The Continuing Priesthood of Christ: Implications and Challenges

Breakout Sessions

Jordan Wessling, Notre Dame
Is Monotheletism a Viable Option for Orthodox Prostestant Theology?

Charles Twombly, Independent Researcher
Perichoresis: A Conversation Between John of Damascus and Contemporary Christology

Scott Swain, Reformed Theological Seminary
The Obedience of the Eternal Son: Catholic Trinitarianism and Reformed Christology

Timothy Pawl, Notre Dame
Conciliar Christology and Incompatible Predications of Christ

Myles Werntz, Baylor University
Christ is as Christ Does: The Peril and Promise of Ethical Christologies

Jeremy Treat, Reality LA
Exaltation in and through Humiliation: Re-Thinking the States of Christ

Jason McMartin, Biola University
The Theandric Union as Imago Dei and Capax Dei

Luke Ben Tallon, Pepperdine University
Joseph Ratzinger’s Spiritual Christology

Telford Work, Westmont College
Jesus’ New Relationship with the Holy Spirit, and Ours: How Biblical Spirit-Christology Helps Resolve a Chalcedonian Dilemma

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