The 8th Annual Los Angeles
Theology Conference

January 16-17, 2020

 The Third Person of the Trinity

In recent decades theologians have given much attention to the doctrine of the Holy Spirit, recognizing it as a fruitful and central topic in Christian thought. Judging from the volume of publications and the range of perspectives on offer, the theology of the third article of the creed is not currently in danger of neglect. Because pneumatology is related to so many possible topics and themes in systematic theology, it sometimes seems scattered or diffused across the surface of contemporary thought. This is especially the case when discussion of the doctrine of the Holy Spirit takes place in all the outlying areas of doctrine and practice, without adequate attention to its primary home, the doctrine of God.

The 2020 Los Angeles Theology Conference, “The Third Person of the Trinity,” will engage pneumatology as an element in the doctrine of the triune God. The goal of the conference is to offer constructive proposals for understanding the doctrine of the Holy Spirit with historical depth, ecumenical scope, and analytic clarity. We are inviting theologians (philosophical, biblical, historical, and otherwise) to address this vital Christian doctrine.

Our plenary speakers will be:

Esther Acolatse, Knox College, University of Toronto

Daniel Castelo, Seattle Pacific University

Lucy Peppiatt, Westminster Theological Centre

Ephraim Radner, Wycliffe College

Fred Sanders, Torrey Honors Institute, Biola University

See the Speakers page for details.


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